India test fires Agni-III nuclear missile - Why and What for?

On sunday, the 9th July, 2006 India test fired Agni-III, a long range 3500 KM ballistic missile that can carry nuclear war heads.

I don't understand why India is still going strong on missiles with nuclear war heads. One reason, it can not afford, it is still one of the poor countries with limited infrastructure. If India has to prove its tech merits, building a nuclear war head is definitely not the way to go. It is definitely brutal intention for India or any other nation preparing nuclear war heads that it is preparing to kill people. More people in a single shot.

Forbes news item point out that recently New Delhi and Washington reached a landmark deal in March to lift sanctions on nuclear technology.

New Delhi and Washington reached a landmark deal in March that will lift sanctions on India's access to civilian nuclear technology.

The question that baffles me is what part of Agni-III is civilian? For sure, it can kill civilians of some other country who intend to attack with similar malicious thoughts. I can not discount having strong security measures, particularly in the wake of militants across the world. But building and firing a nuclear missile, without any doubt, will kill far more civilians than militants.

In that aspect, US is the country with most brutal intentions. It has the largest supply of nuclear arms, and any other kind of sophisticated armery. And it is the most hypocritic country whose ideals are defined by opportunity and desperation. A few years ago, despite the fact that it had largest supply of nuclear war heads, it put economic sanctions on India to test nuclear war heads. Now US needs India as its strategic economic partner, so it lifts the sanctions. Is there any principle that US has acted upon? I don't understand if there is any. In my naive world, it is pure greed and opportunity that is driving this part of the world. If it likes, you are free to go. If not, you have all kinds of economic sanctions.

I can't appreciate indigenous indian R&D efforts in making this missile. They are great efforts spent in an evil and lousy mission. With that amount of money spent on this missile, India would have given lives to millions of poor children for sure. With this missile, it can never a save a child, but take lives of children on the other side of the border.

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