HP's memory spots

Memory spot, a tiny microchip  by HP will let you store massive amounts of data. You can stick it anywhere you want.  And it can transmit data wirelessly.

Mercury News reports in Is this the next hotspot?

This microchip has an adhesive back, so it can be pressed like a sticker to the surface of just about anything. Put it on a photo to carry a voice recording of the person featured in the 4-by-6 glossy print. Stick it on passports so officials can examine images of travelers' fingerprints and iris patterns. Add it to soldiers' dog tags and diabetics' medical-alert bracelets so emergency responders can view their full medical records and make life-saving decisions.

The ``memory spots,'' as HP calls the microchips, are probably two to five years away from being sold on the market, if HP decides to run with this new technology.

The memory spots are similar in some ways to the more simplistic radio-frequency identification tags. But they are far smarter and more secure: They can store more than 250 times as much data as RFID, transmit data more than 20 times faster and encrypt it, sidestepping many of the privacy concerns over RFID tags.

HP emphasizes its budding technology is meant to complement, not compete with, RFID tags. The equivalent of electronic bar codes, RFID tags are expected to help track 1.3 billion postal packages, pallets of inventory, animals and other objects this year.

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