SkypeJournal: eBay, PayPal, Skype by the Numbers

Some interesting numbers from Jim Courtney's notes at Skype Journal : eBay, PayPal, Skype by the Numbers

Important (relevant to me) excerpts:

  1. Calls made on Skype in Q1 of 2006 account for around 7% (6.9 Billion minutes) of all long distance call minutes world wide.

  2. eBay accounts for 14% of all e-commerce on the net with a gross merchandise value of $44 Billion in the last year.

  3. eBay passed 200 million mark in its registered members

  4. Skype supports around 6.5 Million concurrent users.

  5. PayPal services 105 million accounts in 50 countries; PayPal provides the payment mechanism for 67% of eBay transactions. (PayPal has more accounts that Amex and Discover combined.)

  6. Number of Developers:

  • eBay - 30,000 whose work contributes to 25% of all eBay transactions

  • PayPal - 2,500 supporting 350,000 web integrators

  • Skype - 3,500 delivering 350 applications and over 400 hardware devices

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