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As promised in my previous post How to start a Business in India, I would like to share the links to websites and resources that would not only help to understand the attractive Indian Business Environment, opportunities and resources but also would help you start a business in India.

This list is no way exhaustive and definitve, but would definitely serve as a starting point in making a decision. Professional help is always makes sense in making the final decision and proceedings. I will be updating this list as and when I find a link or a resource that adds values, so keep watching this posting. 

Know about India :

  1. Know India at National Portal of India : "The ancient land of India portrays a landscape of vibrant cultural heritage and spiritual mysticism. This particular section invites you to lose yourself in a journey through the fascinating lanes of the country, which reflect its numerous national traits, such as art, national identity elements, cultural extravaganza, and so on. Living up to its name, this section houses information on all the elements that go on to shape this splendid nation called India, and is an enlightenment zone for anyone who wants to know all about this spiritual country". Also read about key sectors of Indian Economy.

  2. Doing Business in India, an Ernst & Young publication presents an overview of the country’s investment climate, taxation, business and accounting practices, as well as Indian society and culture. - A must read to have a big picture of Indian business environment. This publication has also contact information about major bodies/committees/associations related commerce in India.

  3. National Portal of India, one of the best Governemnt of India's portals that showcases India and its rich diversity. It provides easy and comprehensive navigation to  various ministries, industry bodies and departments. This website also hosts a brief but very comprehensive tutorials on various aspects of starting and growing business in India. 

    Start and Grow Business in India

Business Entities in India :

There are so many web pages that lists out various business entities possible in India. The resources mentioned above in the first section also have list of entities available in India. Here are some of the links that have better clarity. Some of these links have mostly similar information, but on reading them I found each link covers slightly different area or little additional information that is not available on other websites, so try to have a look at all of them.

  1. Business In India (NASSCOM) : NASSCOM ( National Association of Software and Service Companies) discusses about various aspects of doing business in India, particularly IT business. It has a seperate section devoted to "Setting Up An IT Company". By far, this page is the most detailed for setting up an IT business in India. This web page also discusses about various India Government incentives for IT businesses, IT parks, special economic zones etc.

  2. Doing Business in India, a web page compiled by Indian Embassy and has important links included along with description about various business entities in India.

How to register a business in India :

Not all Business entities need formal registartion in India like Sole Proprietorship, General Partnership and Cooperatives. Again, multiple websites list a similar procedures, but I have included only those web pages that have some useful information.

  1. National Portal of India - Registering a company

  2. Various Steps in registering a company and duration each step might take and cost involved in each step by

  3. Guidelines for applying for a company at Ministry of Companies Affairs This link has clear guidelines about various forms that need to be filled in and various fees invovled.

  4. Steps with links to various forms involved at different stages

  5. Check if a company name already exists at Ministry of Companies Affairs

  6. Details of various fees and Forms at Ministry of Companies Affairs

  7. List and links of Electronic filing forms with instruction packets at Ministry of Companies affairs

  8. Interesting questions about registering a company

Why India?

The following websites explains why India is such a wonderful market to start your business in. They also connect you to day-to-day financial news about India and the emerging market.

  1. Portal of India and the best and most comprehensive website with lots of information and almost exhaustive links about India, its people, its economy and business.


  3. Indian Brand Equity Foundation

  4. India Every Where

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The following document has latest information on Doing Business in India (2010)

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