How to kill time when you spouse is shopping

When your spouse decides to go on shopping, I bet you don't have a choice but accompany. At times, it is so much fun shopping and rolling around the malls. I enjoy shopping but I hate to go to the same stereotype mall every weekend. And some times, particularly if you are not interested, it can be so painful you swear to god that you will never go shopping. But you never know how that 'never ever' can turn out to be. In my case, it is quite often the next weekend. There is some thing new around the corner or some discount sale at a mall. 

Unlike some of my friends, I don't have a choice  of not going. Ruled out. So here I am, trying to equip myself with some things I can do when shopping turns painful and boring.

  • I love reading books. So I pickup the Mall directory and find a bookshop and in a flash I will be sitting in aisles reading like a kid. I tried skimming through magazines  even in Walmarts these days. If I get hold of an interesting book or a magazine, I never have to worry about for the entire day.

  • I look for variety outlets in the malls and go and explore. Even in the most stereo type malls there will be some thing novel. I found that exploring some crazy shops is so much refreshing.

  • I like watching how people sell things in the small outlets. Last time I watched almost for an hour how a Verizon sales rep was selling mobile phones. He was very good. He sold 3 mobile phones and medium rate plans but with all expensive accessories that I can think of. I found out that they earn more commission on accessories than mobile phones.

  • I some times just watch how people are making buying decisions. I read so much about impulses. But watching those impulses in action is a wonderful experience.

  • When I don't feel like doing any of them, I pick out my iPod and then just relax listening to music.


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