Greencards to Triple with Immigration Reform Bill

Wow, thats a great news. Greencard cap (Employment based) will be tripled for next 10 years once the Immigration Reforms Bill becomes law.  
"S. 2611 would essentially triple the current green card  cap (“immigrant visa cap”) for employment-based green cards (to 450,000 annually for 10 years) and double the number of family-based green cards (to 480,000 annually). "

That would reduce the waiting time for the current applicants and new alike. Time to get it started if you are planning for. Have a look at the current processing times for Greencards, you would have an idea of what is current waiting time. It sucks. If you file on EB2, it takes about 3 years, and on EB1 it takes around 5 years.

Employment-   Based Other Countries CHINA-mainland born INDIA MEXICO PHILIPPINES
1st  C 01JUL05 01JAN06 C C
2nd C 01JUL04 01JAN03  C C
3rd  01JUL01  01JUL01  08APR01 22APR01 01JUL01

Check the latest here.

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