100 Million Mobile Subscribers in India ???

Indian Mobile Subscribers count reaches 100 Million mark at the end of May, 2006 as per a news report. Cellular Operators Association of India's website however reported only 75,290,092 for May, 2006 on its website. Seems to be some confusion or a miraculous sales in May, 2006 and the COAI website reports stats at the beginning of the month.

In April, India added only 2.93 Million mobiles. But it is surprising and doubtful that it added around 25 Million in one month. Cellular Operators Association of India did not release any notification. So the count stands at 75.3 Million by end of May, 2006.

Update: I found a press release issued by Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), that has the stats showing 101 Milliong mobile subscribers. But somehow, the numbers does not add up from COAI site to TRAI. Something is missing. May be COAI does not include Wireless Local Loop(WLL) phones that Reliance offers through out India. If that is the case, then it is an excellent feat by Reliance that it got 25 Millions with in three years after the launch.

5. `100 Million Mobiles’ Club: With this India has become the 5th country having more than 100 million mobile subscribers. The five ‘100 Million Mobile Club Countries’ are:-
i) China – 408 Million (March 2006)
ii) USA – 170 Million (January 2006)
iii) Japan – 141 Million (January 2006)
iv) Russia – 130 Million (February 2006)
v) India – 101 Million (May 2006)

How India got there ? In the last three years India added a whopping 94 Million Mobile subscribers.

The total mobile additions in the years 2003,2004, 2005 and up to May 2006 are as under:-
2003 : 16 M ; 2004: 22 M; 2005 : 32 M; Jan 2005 to May 2006: 24 M; From Jan 2003 to May 2006 : 94 M

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