Cost of Bootstrapping a Web application

The Cost of Bootstrapping Your App: The Figures Behind DropSend (part one) RyanC 06 Mar 2006
bet a lot of your are thinking about building your own web app. But how do you get started if you have no idea what it’s going to cost you? How can you budget for the unknown?
You can also listen to the MP3 and grab the notes, but for those of you who don’t have time to listen to the 45 minute talk, I’m going to summarise here. .....

Real figures behind bootstrapping DROPSEND.
There are thousands of blogs that are trying to become entrepreneurial by providing advice to Enterpreneurs. They all talk theory and nonsense. But what entrepreneurs need is a presentation like this. Real case and an experience of bootstrapping that any budding entrepreneur can emulate and learn from experience. Thanks a ton to Ryan for sharing his eXperiences.


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