USPS is Spamming my mail box

I am not talking about emails sent by USPS to the online users, but the snail mails sent to every american resident and organization that have a postal address. Everyday I receive junk mail from USPS in my mail box. I have to search through the junk each and every day for the mail that I really needed.

Spamming is very well known word in the online world. Everybody in the world who has an email account suffered due to Email Spamming. Wikipedia describes spamming as "Spamming is the use of any electronic communications medium to send unsolicited messages to someone in bulk. While its definition is usually limited to indiscriminate bulk mailing and not any targeted marketing, the term "spam" can refer to any commercially oriented, unsolicited bulk mailing perceived as being excessive and undesired". And there are so many laws around it to protect innocent victims.

Well, in the plain old world, USPS, the United States Postal Service does a lot of this by dumping so many advertisements and booklets like Valpak coupon books each and everyday. Every day, every american served by USPS has to suffer because of this spamming. Why this spamming of your mail boxes is allowed?

Is there any way, I can prevent this from happenning? Any help?


Marsha Rose said…
I'd like to apologize for the amount of "spam" the Postal Service delivers to you-but, don't get mad at your Post Office. We only deliver what is mailed to you-we do not create the pieces of mail, nor can we decide not deliver what is mailed.

I, too, receive many pieces of mail I don't ask for-as I do telephone calls asking me to re-finance my home-but these calls are not the phone companies' fault.

If you have any postal related questions, please contact me.

Marsha Rose, Postmaster, Gunnison, CO
Murali said…
Thank you Marsha for your response. But I can't agree that USPS is at no fault for the spam.

If a mail is addressed to me and USPS delivers it, I don't have any problem. Most people can deal with it. What about so many advertisements, booklets, coupons received that are addressed to "current resident at xxx". Why USPS delivers this kind of unsolicited mails to residents?.

Yahoo does not deliver emails addressed to everyone at yahoo dot com. Not only that, Yahoo also blocks automatically mails with specific content though they are addressed to specific addresses. It allows users to mark a mail as a spam and block further emails from a given email ID.

Why USPS can't block mails that do not have specific address with your name on it.
Sam Perez said…
Dear Marsha Rose;
With all due respect, the USPS should be held accountable when an addressee specifically ask the mail delivery person NOT to leave that junk mail and the mail person replies "it has your address on it, it stays here". I grabbed the pieces of mail and took them straight to the post office. Do you want to know how much unsolicited mail i delivered to the USPS office window? 47 lbs in less than 3 month. Now you tell me, if I wish NOT to receive anything that does not have my name on it, shouldn't I have the right NOT TO? After all, it is my property that USPS is dumping what I consider "trash", so in fact, the USPS should be fined for littering.
Paul said…
USPS is a big fat money-eating American company. so retarded.
carolyn wolfe said…
I opted out of junk mail years ago and have been fighting a never ending, day to day battle to try and stop the delivery of junk mail to my mailbox that has other street addresses on it. They will not stop jamming other people's junk mail in my box. Have writen formal complaints, contacted dozens and dozens of times, and now it has come to my attention that someone (USPS) has signed my name and address up to a mailing list and is having crap sent to my mailbox with my name on it. I contacted the lists and have my name taken off, but I go through this every day of my life. Now I am trying to permanently stop delivery of mail to my home.

It is the only way to stop the maddness that I have been going through for 10 years.

I also recommend to everyone to opt out of junk mail, make all your bills e-bills, stop buying stamps, tell your friends to use FEDEX and UPS to deliver to you, and totally boycott the USPS. It's the only way we have of standing up for ourselves as consumers.

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