Microsoft Live Ideas. Btw, what is an idea and What is New??

An idea (Greek: ιδέα) is a specific thought or concept that arises in the mind
of a person as a result of thinking.

I am afraid, folks at Microsoft have a different meaning of what constitutes an idea. I have trouble understanding about this hyped strategy.

I read this news every where in the last couple of days about Microsoft opening up its services on the web. A fusion of Software and Services. "Live era" of software. Peeling off all the marketing hype and visionary overheads, it is a set of web based services like email, blogs, messaging, security, document sharing etc. These services will not be free, but will be based on advertisements and subscriptions. In simple words, application hosting service. Small businesses instead of buying the software may purchase a license to use them on the web, live. So whatz new? I am not sure what is so ground breaking strategy it is. So I visited the web site to figure it out.

Here are the grand ideas on : "Sign in, get the content you want—news, sports, search results, whatever—add columns, and move stuff around at will. It’s all you." Doesn't it look like a personal home page services offered by yahoo (myYahoo) and Google. Indeed, it is just the same. I don't understand, Why should one pay for this service?

LiveMail: "It’s all new web mail, built from the ground up. Preview your e-mail without loading a new page each time (like Outlook®) drag and drop messages into folders, and generally power through your e-mail in a flash. " This is an email service based on Ajax. Google gmail does all this stuff and give 2gig at no cost. Why should anybody pay for it? Yeah, few people who do not know about gmail.

Okay, enough. Some body dare to call them ideas? There is nothing new about these IDEAS, and I don't want to pay for nothing for any of these live services. Live Favourites, Live office, Live messenger, and Live Search......., give me a break. Are these the ideas that Bill gates want to show as an answer to the "Google Services" and/or Google Labs
Visit the Google Services page or Google labs and figure out yourself.


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