Quality of American Cars - Inherently inferior?

By looking at the largest Auto recalls in America's history, I am wondering whether American made cars inherently of inferior quality? All top 5 Largest Auto Recalls are from either Ford or GM. The number of vehicles recalled is huge (around 28 million vehicles), indicating that the problems are found long after the the release or the companies ignored the results obtained during their internal tests assuming that the problems would not surface. Or the companies acknowledged the existence of a problem in thier vehicles after a long time the first incident is reported. Eitherway, recall of such a huge number of vehicles would cost them very dear. Would it have been prevented if they had spent some more money on the testing?
Quality is costly. But lacking it, always costs a lot more.

CNN.com - Ford recalling 3.8 million vehicles - Sep 7, 2005
"-- In 1996, Ford recalled 7.9 million vehicles for faulty ignitions
-- In 1971, GM recalled 6.7 million vehicles for engine failure
-- In 1981, GM recalled 5.8 million vehicles for a rear axle problem
-- In 1972, Ford recalled 4.1 million vehicles for a shoulder-belt problem"


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