Why does India still kneel before World Bank for loan?

India is seeking loan from World Bank for its “Bharat Nirman” program, aimed at developing rural infrastructure. Why the much hyped super power nation is kneeling before World Bank for a loan to build infrastructure  There are so many nations in the world that desperately need those funds from world bank.
The government impose surcharge on every conceivable thing to contribute to meaningless and truly political war against Pakistan. How can India afford so much on military while they invest so less on infrastructure. Why don't they impose surcharge towards building the much needed infrastructure?
Why doesnÂ’t the Indian government ask the IT corporate houses to contribute towards building infrastructure? Keep aside the social responsibility; IT big houses are the ones minting money on the existing infrastructure and hefty pro-business incentives (that are making an ordinary citizenÂ’s life much harder), and they should pay back.
The government has decided to break the backbone of the nation by cutting all the subsidies given to the agriculture sector, the largest sector in India, but increased hefty incentives to the corporates. Land is free, no tax, uninterrupted power..... list goes on, while 8 hours a day residential power supply became a precious gift to the rural areas.


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