India Inc sheds traditional image

To compete in this new world of competition, it pays to change the organizations' identity. Be its logo, advertising, product packaging or its product line itself, it helps to a greater extent. It is not so uncommon that most of the successful organizations change their logo, caption and brand identity world wide. But it is quite a refreshing change to see the otherwise traditional and conservative India Inc is doing. Hope to see more following the suit. Every now and then wearing a new hat may change the outlook too.

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"New Delhi: No longer the fuddy-duddy image for India Inc. To keep up with globalisation, many Indian corporates are shedding their years-old identity and going in for the younger, sleeker look. Not only in their products and packaging, but even company logos, colours and tag lines have been subjected to an extensive branding makeover.

Ninety-seven year old Bank of Baroda has replaced its blue and yellow identity with a vibrant orange sun. Kinetic has transformed its red and blue letter logo to a sleek, metallic grey and silver one that symbolises high-precision engineering.

Some time back, Dabur, the traditional grandmother brand, rejuvenated its trademark banyan tree.

Bajaj Auto too orchestrated a makeover, reflecting the changes that had taken place within the company. Its 40-year-old logo was replaced by an open, abstract form of a stylised B - the flying B, as it has been named.

Tata AIG and ONGC had earlier done a similar exercise. And all of them have hired professional design companies to execute the changes. "


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