Fight Against Corruption and Parallels with Treating Cancer

Below is an excerpt of some thoughts shared on a different discussion on the fight against corruption and argument that Anna's bill doesn't change a thing because most people are corrupt and we need a social transformation rather. The argument further goes to say that Anna should instead focus on educating people to elect honest representatives to solve the issue at its root. 
I do not say we shouldn't try to fix the root cause, but we should be practical and consider the approach based on where we are now.
Corruption in India is like a cancer evolved over generations. It would be a better and quite practical solution to do a surgery and use chemicals and medicine (even though they all have quite serious side effects). Fixing the root cause really mean reversing the evolution (social and systematic) and kind of irreversible (or impractical). We can start over after the surgery, for sure, and take steps for a grass roots approach. But grass roots approach alone is like learning and maintaining healthy habits and avoiding carcinogenic substances after diagnosed with severe cancer. In today's world, there are only so many things practical to avoid even after you survive from cancer. 
Lokpal may not be the perfect solution or complete solution, but a great start even if we could implement 50%. Given the circumstances, odds are quite high to implement it successfully. But that shouldn't deter from trying to achieve it.


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