H1B 2008:USCIS released Preliminary Numbers

USCIS today released the final count of number of unique pieces of mail received for H1B petitions. It received 133,000 unique pieces of mail containing H-1B petitions. I guess, each piece of mail will 'mostly' contain more than one petition, as no company would send each petition in a seperate package and its most unlikely that a firm applies for just one petition.

Probably by the end of next week, we might know the actual number of H1B petitions filed and how lucky one must be to get through the initial filter.

Source: USCIS Releases Preliminary Number of FY 2008 H-1B Cap Filings (26KB PDF) 04/05/2007

During Monday and Tuesday, USCIS received 133,000 unique pieces of mail containing H-1B petitions. This is lower that the original USCIS estimate of 150,000. USCIS based the initial estimate on amounts from manifests received along with the mail. USCIS reached the updated number following a physical count of the mail. Each piece of mail may contain more than one H-1B petition. It will take USCIS a substantial amount of time to open and sort through that volume of mail.

As of Wednesday, 28,052 of the cases sorted are H-1B petitions subject to FY 2008 congressionally mandated cap. Four thousand, seven hundred three (4,703) cases are exempt from the FY 2008 H-1B cap as employers filed those petitions for aliens holding a master’s degree or higher from a U.S. institution.

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