Sunday, May 30, 2010

Walking on Water

Praja Rajyam and Chiranjeevi : We Are Same As Congress. A Real Identity Crisis?

Everybody knows what Chiranjeevi said before the elections in 2009 about Congress Party and TDP. Now Chiranjeevi says, Praja Rajyam Party is identical in principles to Congress party, so they will work together in upcoming Elections, even though they don’t merge. He will lend his friendly hand to Congress. How hilarious? All for one Rajya Sabha seat?

It confirms the once infamous news story that ran a while ago, that Praja Rajyam party will close its shop and merge with Congress.  Praja Rajyam Party really thinks they are no different from Congress, or at least they hate TDP as much as Congress do. Also it appears, these talks of merger and alliances have been going on each time there is some kind of election.

It is clear, he is struggling to find an identify for himself and the party as it has been a total disaster at the poll booth and everything he did after that.

No principles. No core beliefs. Its just dancing to the wind.

  • Before Elections, Chiranjeevi said, his party has clearly understood Telangana Issue. Believes that Telanaga has been mis-treated and undeveloped so he supports statehood.
  • When Telangana agitation started, he was with them too.
  • But once, all his MLAs ditched to support Samaikhya Andhra (United Andhra), Chiranjeevi ditched “Telangana” too and started saying he will support Samaikhyandhra too.
  • He even started a tour of meeting all people fighting for Samaikhyandhra.
  • And then he started a bus tour to give National Status to Polavaram project. I seriously don’t know what that means. Congress has already initiated the long waited project.
  • Now, he wants to contest for Rajya Sabha. Everybody knows it is just wishful thinking.
  • Most of his political life, he and his party criticized Congress party saying it is corrupt and Gunda’s party with no social justice concept as it is predominantly Reddy’s party.
  • Got an invitation from Sonia Gandhi. Chiranjeevi hoped that he can pressure Congress somehow and get one Rajya Sabha seat. Instead, Sonia told him to quit from contesting for Rajya Sabha. Totally hilarious. Even after all this, he don’t get it.

So, what is really Chiranjeevi believe in. What are principles, if there are any (any more)? Total BS.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Google Fonts : Free And Designer Fonts For The Web

Thanks to Google, now any web developer can have stylish designer Fonts on their web pages. As simple as including a <link> tag to a CSS file hosted on Google’s servers.

For a long time, the web has lagged print and even other electronic media in typographic sophistication. To enjoy the visual richness of diverse fonts, webmasters have resorted to workarounds such as baking text into images. Thanks to browser support for web fonts, this is rapidly changing. Web fonts, enabled by the CSS3 @font-face standard, are hosted in the cloud and sent to browsers as needed.

Google has been working with a number of talented font designers to produce a varied collection of high quality open source fonts for the Google Font Directory. With the Google Font API, using these fonts on your web page is almost as easy as using the standard set of so-called “web-safe” fonts that come installed on most computers.

The Google Font API provides a simple, cross-browser method for using any font in the Google Font Directory on your web page. The fonts have all the advantages of normal text: in addition to being richer visually, text styled in web fonts is still searchable, scales crisply when zoomed, and is accessible to users using screen readers

Tweet Of The Day : RoR and ASP.NET MVC

Here is the tweet of the day. I have no clue what .NET developers think of Ruby on Rails (ROR), until now. (:-))

I don't see what the big deal is about ruby on rails. It's basically a clone of mvc 

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Ha ha!

Ken Robinson : Education and Agriculture

Education system, like agriculture ought to be customized, nourished and organic. 

In this poignant, funny follow-up to his fabled 2006 talk, Sir Ken Robinson makes the case for a radical shift from standardized schools to personalized learning -- creating conditions where kids' natural talents can flourish.

Friday, May 7, 2010

What is the Biggest Challenge For Programmers?

This video was recorded about 6 years back in 2004 on MSDN Channel 9, where Eric Gunnerson was talking about challenges for Programmers then, around 2004. One of the biggest challenge used to be about keeping up with the pace of technology around you. Not surprisingly, I feel, nothing has changed since then. It is still one of the biggest challenges programmer face.

Ask any .NET developer what do they think about .NET 4.0 and a whole range of other new stuff released this year alone, you can feel the overwhelming anxiety. They are more confused and I should say more scared at the pace of .NET platform evolution, than before. Not surprising at all.

Link to the Video here. Don’t forget read comments on that page.

There are a couple of important aspects  in those comments. Here are some excerpts from the comments:

  • It is a good philosophical observation about the way people work when they're abstracted away from semantics, and I think we're seeing now what was originally intended; save your time to worry about the bigger issues.
  • The rate of change is indeed a problem. And it is constantly accelerating.

  • Will development become something you get into after getting your college degree and after 10 years you will have to "retire" to another profession? Or maybe the cost and effort of acquiring the necessary skills will be so high in comparison to the time you have to leverage it, that it won't even be economical - and it will all be outsourced? : Fact or Allegation ? Just another twisted title for sensationalism

This is yet another example of’s sensationalism twisted titles. The title says, as if this was a fact, woman made to urinate in pub...