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India a 'center of power': U.S. strategy document

News Posting at: Silicon India, April 19 2005 Key Excerpts: "Unveiling President George W Bush's National Strategy for 2004-09, the State Department and the U.S. Agency for International Development described India as a 'center of power' along with Russia and China." "The U.S. has undertaken a transformation in its bilateral relationship with India based on a conviction that U.S. interests require a strong relationship with India. We are the two largest democracies , committed to political freedom protected by representative government," the document said"

What makes an (Indian) entrepreneur?

Have you ever wondered what makes an Indian Entrepreneur? Here is a recent study that attempts to uncover some secrets. What makes an entrepreneur? Subodh Bhat & Richard Mccline / San Francisco April 19, 2005 A new study of entrepreneurial activity in India throws up some interesting results.

Passage From India

Posting at :!business&s=1045855934855 some excerpts: "The news about India in recent years has often focused on the outsourcing of American jobs to the Asian subcontinent, where companies can find cheaper labor -- even skilled technical and white-collar workers -- than in the United States. But the story is much more complex. The Richmond area already has ties to India through a prosperous immigrant community that has contributed to the local economy in manufacturing, technology, medicine, professional services and hundreds of small businesses including hotels, restaurants and stores. The owners of those businesses, some of whom came to the United States with little more than the money in their pockets, are now volunteers for charitable groups and often take leadership positions in economic development and business organizations. Last year,

Barron's Names Wipro's Vivek Paul as One of the 30 of World's Most Respected CEOs

Posting at Bangalore, Karnataka, India, Monday, April 18, 2005 -- (Business Wire India)Barron's, the Dow Jones Business and Financial Weekly, has named Vivek Paul, Vice Chairman, Wipro Ltd. as one of the 30 of The World's Most Respected CEOs. In the list, Barron's has identified 30 top-flight corporate leaders from across the world. Barron's noted, “The 30 CEOs on our list have one thing in common: They make a big difference to shareholders.”

List of Indian Software Products

List of Indian Software Products Source: India Software [ ] Search on 18th April, 2005 found 5155 products results. Title: Indian Software Products: The Untold Story Source: DataQuest [ ] Publised Date: Saturday, September 20, 2003