Friday, September 26, 2008

BC Commission Takes Office, Vows Enumeration Based on Castes

New BC Commission took office on Thursday, 24th September and vows to request enumeration based on castes in the wake of political motivation by all major parties to include more castes in to BC.

The commission is also of the opinion that it may need to extend BC reservations quota in order to include more people. Otherwise, the existing BC community will be severely impacted.

Our Take on Whole Reservation Issue, in brief:

Caste system is a social issue.  No matter what you do in the form of reservations, people will not forget their caste. One of the main reasons behind Chiranjeevi's motivation to come into politics is the expected unconditional support of 30% of Kapus, because he belongs to Kapu community. When leaders highlight and exploit the very caste issue on such a public face, we don't think we can ever eradicate the caste issue in our society.

Even the most affluent and well educated youth, establish organizations and community groups exclusively based on Caste, though implicitly. Middle class and poorer sections have been waging wars against each other and against government exclusively based on caste itself.

Reservations have failed to do any good to uplift based on caste. 60 years in action, and we still fight to EXTEND or ADD to it. It does speak louder than any report.

Its time to have a fresh look and new strategies. No more political gimmicks and caste based reservations.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Why not bailout original home ownes?

Why not bail out failed home owners, the root cause of the whole sub prime mess and financial blackout?

Bailing out businesses will not help home owners, as the original problem is still left out, and only fixing side effects.

Monday, September 15, 2008

On The Side : Most Popular Andhraite

Politics : Everybody is Ready For The Most Unlikely Debate

First, the idea of a debate with YS Raja Sekhar Reddy right on, was brushed aside by Chiranjeevi saying he got no time to dabble. But then a more thoughtful reply came in, saying that He is ready if YSR himself appear in the debate.

Despite 'movie' style fights for a open debate on State development by both sides, we think, finally happening of a Debate is most unlikely.

Politically speaking, leaders from both sides know there is no conceivable benefit from actually having such a debate, than just talking about it in the press. Last time, Lok Satta attempted to arrange such a debate on very fair grounds, but all efforts and vision of Jay Prakash went in vain. Political parties know a lot better than informing people.

Most allegations today's politicians make against other leaders, won't stand a fact check or face to face dialogue.

Praja Rajyam (PR) president Chiranjeevi on Monday declared that he was ready for a public debate with Chief Minister Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy on the State’s development.

Initially though, in reply to a question whether he would take the challenge thrown by Information Minister Anam Ramnarayan Reddy, he said he had no time for dabbling in debates. He was busy finalising his tour programme of going to people, apart from crystallising policy papers explaining his party’s stand on various issues.

Mr. Chiranjeevi made it clear that his focus was on meeting as many people as possible before taking up his ‘yatra’.

He said his priorities lay in touring the entire State and covering as many mandals as possible and talking to people in the districts and taking their feedback.

The Hindu : Andhra Pradesh News : Chiru ready for debate with YSR

Trickling .. Trickling .. Praja Rajyam expands its memberships

Though at trickling rate, everyday at least 4 or 5 Politicians are joining Praja Rajyam party leaving their current parties in despair or lack of identity. Once  seats are finalized in Congress and TDP, We expect many more to join the party.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Politics : (Much Worse) Intimidation in Politics, The Movie Style !!

Intimidation is not new to Politics, but not this way. So far, we have seen direct criticism on policies, statements and predictions. But the movie style of intimidation takes it to a new style.

They Used To Physically Attack. Now they found a better way.

If you criticize Praja Rajyam party, then you will get a bouquet of flowers every where you go. If you criticize Chiranjeevi, people will start offering prayers in the temple for your well-being. That's the movie style. The same fans, used to attack you and your belongings a little earlier. Now they think they found a better form of intimidation, the movie style.

Gandhigiri or Rowdyism under the hood

You can take direct criticism, with a pinch of salt, and be okay with it. But this kind of movie style 'criticism' certainly intimidates more than any thing. Though it looks like the 'Gandhian' way, I don't think it is. Its a movie style soft version of 'Rowdyism'. Most respectful way and dignified way of showing your response to criticism is to either offer a genuine response to the criticism and prove them wrong or respectfully ignore as baseless.  Going to their (other leader's) meetings, and offering them Roses or offering prayers is a worst form of intimidation, worse than threatening like a rowdy.

Politics, Presented to You By Movie Industry

With the introduction of Chiranjeevi in to politics and impending surge of Movie stars (TDP is brining in NTR family and Congress is trying to rope in a few too)  in to Politics in various parties, people of Andhra Praedesh can expect to see the effect of Movies every where.

Political meetings orchestrated by Art Directors, Speeches written by famous Dialogue writers, Songs by Movie song writers and performed in live or in studio by the same Music directors, and Producers pitching in loads of money as they also invest in the Political careers, every thing is Movies.  TVs, the smaller screen versions, also revving up with mixing Movie clips with Political statements, often confusing people what is movie and what is real life statement.

Intimidation is Intimidation, irrespective of the Weapon Used

Obviously, it doesn't stop there. Followers and fans started imitating scenes from movies, or improvising in real life, to intimidate people and leaders that are critical of their party.

Intimidation is intimidation. It doesn't matter whether you threaten with a knife and attack with stones or offer flowers. Everybody know your intentions.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Energy : Two Private Thermal Power Stations To Boost Power Supply

Its a great news for all. Two new Thermal Power Stations are coming that could generate almost 4600 MW power on completion, in private sector.

We were delighted to see such a huge investment and initiative from private sector to generate power.

The Cabinet has decided to allot an extent of 16,249 acres of Government land to two thermal power projects in the private sector in Srikakulam district and to the greenfield ports in Nizampatnam and Vadarevu. Land will, however, be allotted for a price.

At a meeting here on Monday, the Cabinet cleared allotment of 3,333 acres spread over four villages to East-Coast Energy Limited at Rs 85,000 an acre for setting up a 2,600-MW thermal power station at Kakarapalli in Srikakulam district.

Briefing reporters later, Information Minister A. Ramanarayan Reddy said another 972.69 acres of land at Sompeta would be allotted to Nagarjuna Constructions Limited at Rs 80,000 an acre for a 1,980 MW thermal station.

The Hindu : Andhra Pradesh / Hyderabad News : Cabinet allots 16,000 acres for power, port projects

Infrastructure : Manic Traffic Jam in Hyderabad

Akriti team pointed to a news story on Hindu, that had a couple of images in quite a rich color that shows the traffic grid lock and sewage system that need immediate attention.

Heavy downpour along with Arogya Matha celebrations at Khairatabad result in traffic gridlocks

The heavy downpour on Monday evening, which lasted for nearly two hours, along with Arogya Matha celebrations at Khairatabad and the usual waterlogging hotspots, led to gridlocks on all the main road-corridors, without any exception. By 8.30 p.m. on Monday, the city received over 40 mm of rainfall.

With nearly three lakh pilgrims reaching Mother Mary’s church at Khairatabad, the clouds opened up, leaving every stretch, extending as far as Malakpet, Dilsukhnagar and Saroornagar on one side and Tarnaka-Uppal on the other, packed with vehicles.

The Hindu : Andhra Pradesh / Hyderabad News : Just another manic Monday on city roads

Monday, September 8, 2008

Politics : Why Devender Goud Left TDP?

We mentioned recently that we have came to know a bit shocking (to us) revelation of the reasons behind the exit of TDP's No.2 leader Devender Goud and starting his own NTPP party.

Close to the party cadres says the following when we grilled what led to his exit:

  1. Devender Goud is very well respected in TDP and many call him No.2 in TDP., next only to Chandra Babu Naidu.
  2. If Chiranjeevi comes into politics, TDP will loose big time, in his own words, 'TDP is a sinking ship'. Congress has enough money to alter the dynamics.  Chiranjeevi has mass following. TDP has none. So it would be wise to shift gears and change the vehicle.
  3. Even if TDP somehow survive or win the elections, He will always be a No.2, and can never become a Chief minister.
  4. Since he was respected in the party cadre and in the people, if he starts a new party, he could be the No.1. Don't join TRS, but start his own.
  5. Fight for Seperate Telangana has been intensified recently with TRS's good show in sub-elections, shows Telangana People are really looking for a Seperate state, he could well become the Chief Minister if everything works out well.
  6. Even if nothing works out, now he is seen at the same level of YSR, Chandra Babu and Chiranjeevi. No longer a No.2.

While, we don't think he will ever become a CM of Andhra Pradesh, he could well become CM of Telangana if he could leverage his political might and Telangana becomes a Seperate state.

Politics : 'We will win All East and West Godavari Seats by 20,000 Majority' - Praja Rajyam

So far, we have seen comments that are confident, hopeful and realistic from Praja Rajyam party. But gaining criticism against the party from Congress and TDP seems to have caused bit of frenzy in the minds of Praja Rajyam office bearers.

First Prediction of Electoral Results

They revealed what they are banking on to win in the elections : unconditional support of people from East and West Godavari districts. In other words, the support of 100% of Kapu community living in these Godavari districts.

Will it end up to be just Kapu's party?

Its long been believed that 100% of Kapu community will go blind fold and vote for Chiranjeevi. Now, the first two office bearers of Praja Rajyam confirms the belief the party itself had on those two districts.

We don't think it was a thoughtful gesture for any sort. It is naive, foolish and plain stupid to assert that they would win, specifically only Godavari districts.

Fact Check:  List of Constituencies :

East Godavari (19) : Amalapuram, Anaparthy, Gannavaram, Jaggampeta, Kakinada City, Kakinada Rural, Kothapeta, Mandapeta, Mummidivaram, Peddapuram, Pithapuram, Prathipadu, Rajahmundry City, Rajahmundry Rural, Rajanagaram, Ramachandrapuram,  Rampachodovaram,  Razole,  Tuni

West Godavari(15) : Achanta, Bhimavaram, Chintalapudi, Denduluru, Eluru, Gopalapuram, Kovvur, Narsapuram, Nidadavole, Palacole, Polavaram, Tadepalligudem, Tanuku, Undi, Ungutur

No Exodus of Leaders

Unlike most expected, there was no exodus of Party leaders from other parties to come and join Chiranjeevi. So far, only a couple of senior party leaders, who happened to be Kapu leaders joined the party. No major blow to Congress or Telugu Desam so far.

CPI(M) Turned Down Praja Rajyam's Offer

Praja Rajyam courted CPI(M) leaders to form an election coalition to defeat  Congress, but CPI(M) turned down the offer citing 'no clarity' in Praja Rajyam as the main reason. And TDP intensified its effort to turn CPI leaders to TDP. Fearing that public may consider this as a blow to the party, Praja Rajyam leaders quickly announced that 'they don't join any coalition' and go all alone.

It will be interesting to see whether the first 'movie' style tour will lure any senior leaders from other parties to join Praja Rajyam.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Politics : "We are Selling Land, To Protect From Encroachment" - YSR

Responding to criticism (from Chiranjeevi) that Government is acting as a Broker in selling Government land for  private industries, YSR says some thing not acceptable from a Chief Minister. Plain, stupid!

Participating in a debate on a Telugu television channel, Reddy said the government was developing assets by making use of unproductive government lands that were vulnerable to encroachment.

YSR rejects Chiranjeevi's allegation on land sale

Is this the only way to protect Government land from encroachment? By selling it off?

Politics : Another 'Caste' Driven Political Party "Dalit Samaj Party"

Another strong indication of how important 'Caste' would be in the upcoming elections, a political party created for the 2.5cr SCs.  We expect a strong battle between (O)BCs, SCs and STs.

Sangati Manohar, founder-president of Dalit United Front and Dalit Christian Front, on Tuesday announced that he was forming a political party by name ‘Dalit Samaj Party’, for the uplift of 2.5 crore SCs in Andhra Pradesh.

The Hindu : Andhra Pradesh / Kadapa News : ‘Dalit Samaj Party’ to be launched

Politics : Will there be a Third Front? Or just Praja Rajyam, the Third option?

At this point, we  really don't think there will be a third front that poses any significant problem to the ruling Congress or TDP.  We understand that if there will be a force that gains momentum against TDP and Congress, it will be Chiranjeevi's party Praja Rajyam.

A third front, which will be a challenge to the ruling Congress as well as the Telugu Desam Party that ruled the State for nine years, will be formed in the State by the Left parties and other parties opposed to the Congress and the TDP, Communist Party of India (CPI) State secretary K. Narayana has said.

The Hindu : Andhra Pradesh / Vijayawada News : Third front will be formed: Narayana

Browsing With Google Chrome : First Few Minutes

I have just installed Google chrome and fell in love with its Speed. Here is my experience with Google Chrome in the first few minutes.


  • Installation was a breeze. No restarts required. (Under 2 minutes)
  • Page loading is quite fast and instantly visible (compare to other browsers Google Chrome is like a race car)
  • Interface is very simple and elegant.
  • There is no difference between Search bar and Address bar anymore. Quite handy.
  • Also fell in love with Thumbnails of Most frequently used pages when you open a new tab.

Add-ons and Extensions

Once I get to serious browsing, like reading blogs on Google reader, I missed by 'Blog This' extension for Windows Live Writer. Hope, application developers will soon enhance or make their add-ons compatible with Google Chrome. Since Chrome is also built with components from Firefox, I hope extensions may be instantly compatible once allowed.

Overall, I fell in love with Google Chrome for its Speed and Simplicity and of course, little bit of convenience.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Politics : Will LokSatta and Praja Rajyam Unite?

That is a big question and our answer as of today is NO.

Lok Satta is formed on the basis of sound principles and deep understanding of people and their issues. Lok Satta also defined a list of 50 promises defining the issues and how it promises to solve them.

Praja Rajyam is still to define what it is and what it want to deliver.  We believe, the motivation behind Praja Rajyam is power and money in the name of public service. ( LokSatta motto is clear and distinct from mere public service, it is more of empowering People). Most importantly, no body knows at this point, how it want to deliver.

LokSatta has members that look to believe deeply in its principles and is completely Caste or community agnostic.  They are common people just like next door neighbor, but with strong belief in principles than political muscle.

So far, people who are joining Praja Rajyam party are Chiranjeevi's friends and leaders from Kapu community, and politicians of the same old age beliefs and principles of power, leaving the 'think tank' more 'Caste' colored at this time.

The Lok Satta is not opposed to electoral alliances with other parties, but will not seek tie-ups at the cost of its basic ideology and agenda, president Jayaprakash Narayan told the executive committee here on Monday.

According to a press release issued by the party, Dr. Narayan said power was only a means and not the ultimate end of the party. It would fight the elections on its own, if necessary. However, it was prepared to join hands with others on the basis of a minimum programme.

The meeting was attended by members of the party’s political, organisational and executive committees. Some suggested an alliance with a national party while others wanted a tie-up with the newly-started Praja Rajyam of film star Chiranjeevi. The party decided to focus attention on the organisational elections between September 15 and November 30.

The Hindu : Andhra Pradesh / Hyderabad News : Alliances not at cost of ideology:Lok Satta

Promotions : D. Subba Rao (Andhra Pradesh), to head RBI

“As a people we are understandably eager for our economy to sprint like a tiger rather than amble like an elephant…and when elephants start dancing, they can go on for a long time, provided the stage is clear.” - Duvvuri Subba Rao

Succeeding a Telugu bureaucrat Yaga Venugopal Reddy at the top echelons of the country’s apex banking regulator, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), another Telugu man Duvvuri Subba Rao, Union Finance Secretary, will be donning the mantle as the next Governor.

Taking over the reins of the coveted responsibility may not be difficult for him. Yet, Dr. Rao, the all-India topper of 1972 batch of civil services, apparently has his task cut out much before stepping into the shoes of Dr. Reddy.

Five challenges

Delivering a lecture on ‘Elephants too dance: India growth story’ a few months ago, Dr. Rao said that leapfrogging from agriculture to service economy, bypassing the manufacturing sector did not help India. The five challenges staring at the country according to him were: stepping up agricultural growth; expanding employment opportunities; improving service delivery; bridging infrastructure deficit and managing globalisation.

Globalisation as an economic force was here to stay, he said. India was a truly globalised economy, as the two-way trade was now pegged at 35 per cent of the gross domestic product (GDP) and if two-way movement of capital flow was added, it would be almost 100 per cent of GDP.

The Hindu : Andhra Pradesh / Hyderabad News : Telugu man to head RBI

Notable Thoughts : India Advances and Politics Around Small States


India set to launch a reusable spacecraft
India is surging ahead literally out of this world as Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) begins work on a wholly indigenous effort to build a space shuttle that will carry Indians into the space like US space shuttle, Columbia. India is planning to launch a reusable spacecraft for the first time in 2010 and to send a mission to Mars as early as 2012. India has been successfully developing space program in recent years and regularly launching satellites using booster rockets. But with a little cooperation with either USA or Russia, India will be able to cut the huge costs and share technology to build its own shuttle. India has agreements with both and could get help from either or both countries. URL: India set to launch a reusable spacecraft

India's Infosys to acquire UK's Axon for $753 million
'The board of directors of the company has approved the proposed scheme of arrangement to acquire Axon Global Plc,'' the company said in a filing with the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). The deal is expected to be completed by November 2008. The acquisition would ''accelerate the achievement of some of Infosys' current strategic corporate objectives, including the continued expansion consulting capabilities," the company said in a press release. ''Infosys Technologies Limited is pleased to announce that it has agreed terms for a recommended cash offer for a leading UK-based SAP consulting company, Axon Group plc, in a deal valued at £407.1 million ($753.1 million),'' the release said, adding, ''The transfer of ownership to Infosys is expected to be completed by November 2008, subject to the scheme of arrangement becoming effective.''

Google workshop on Social Web and Cloud Computing in New Delhi
Google is organising a workshop in Delhi on the Social Web & Cloud Computing. Its a day long event (September 5th) and on the agenda are discussions & presentations about Open Social & Google App Engine. The presenters will be developers/evangelists from Google and even a session by Impetus about OpenSocial integration with open source technologies. The details are here. Its a free event, but you should sign up here at the earliest (limited seats on a FCFS basis).

Politics : National Federation of Small States, Small is Beautiful? or Everybody Wants Power !!
A political pressure group has been formed to influence Delhi and energize Small state movements, as they believe 'Small is better' for effective management and development. Representatives of the National Federation of Small States met here on Thursday and decided to form a coordination committee and create a “pressure group” in Delhi as part of their efforts to step up movements for new States. The decision was taken at a colloquium on separate Statehood movements in Telangana, Vidharbha, Haritha Pradesh, Purvanchal, Ladakh, Bodoland and Gorkhaland. The leaders also decided to set up an office of the Federation at New Delhi, T. Devender Goud, president of Nava Telangana Praja Party said. The Hindu : Andhra Pradesh / Hyderabad News : Effort to raise movements for formation of new States Key reason, we believe, there are so many movements for seperate states is NOT efficient and fair administration or development. There is a truth in efficiency being small, but that is not the true intent of any of these leaders. The true intent is 'there are more people who want power.' By dividing into as many as possible, a lot more leaders get to be at the helm of affairs.

Insights into China and Internet Trends

For those interested in China and Internet trends in China, found these in Webyantra's RSS feed :

Source: Resource: China Internet Industry trends & datapoints

Google workshop on Social Web and Cloud Computing in New Delhi

If you are around, don't miss it.

Google is organising a workshop in Delhi on the Social Web & Cloud Computing. Its a day long event (September 5th) and on the agenda are discussions & presentations about Open Social & Google App Engine.

Source: Google workshop on Social Web and Cloud Computing in New Delhi : Fact or Allegation ? Just another twisted title for sensationalism

This is yet another example of’s sensationalism twisted titles. The title says, as if this was a fact, woman made to urinate in pub...