Thursday, June 2, 2011

Beginning The Trust30 Challenge

I believe in dreams, for dreams are essentially those thoughts, ideas and wishes that we have been thinking all the while, that kept chasing us every moment.  We are what we dream about. 

One of the best ways to achieve a dream is to set a date to it. A date forces me to get more focused. Pushes me to action right away. And magically sets up priorities.

Once a date is set, it takes a great deal of discipline to pursue it. Many of us start very well but quick to search for excuses not to go through it. Some pause, some put it on the eternal back burner and some just quit.

Keeping a journal or taking up a challenge would greatly help maintain the streak. I am on my way to taking up a one year challenge next week and will be keeping an online journal to push myself towards the goal.

And to get started with the habit of keeping a journal and maintaining a streak, I am joining a 30 days writing challenge, Trust30, an online initiative that encourages to express yourself for 30 days with prompts and inspirational messages delivered everyday.

This is my first post as part of this challenge.  It has been a quite busy and hectic week so far and I couldn’t sit down even for 15 minutes to write. I lost two days already, but I will keep my promise to myself for the rest of the challenge.

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