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What is Important to Learn To Win In This Internet Powered Smart Phone Driven Flat World

What is really important to learn to first survive, then compete and ultimately win in this Internet powered Smart Phone driven Flat world ?  

Here is a great video that puts this question in the context of learning "Math" at schools. Key question asked in this video is Should we continue to spend a great deal of time in learning how to 'calculate' or should we focus more on conceptualizing and formulating problems and using computers to perform computations. The argument the author makes is that we MUST do the later and at the earliest possible.

If you understand the argument, you can easily replace "math" with any thing in the world or any branch of science for that matter. The argument still makes a sound and very important case.

In fact, if you realize, this is NOTHING new. We have been redefining continuously what we need to learn and how we learn throughout the period of evolution. The resistance and incredibility are just part of that evolution. Just that the advances in science and technology are at such an incredible pace, many of us can't even notice, leave alone catching up.

So, think about it. Start focusing on concepts and nurture the ability to identify opportunities (or problems) and learn the right technology to offer best of the breed solutions. Use internet, smart phones and literally unlimited cloud computing to your advantage rather. With this new set of computational resources, it is lot more important to use your brain on 'what to do' and 'how to leverage' rather than re-inventing own wheels and thinking that learning age old techniques are some how more intellectual, fundamental and essential and  like some of us think, the right thing to do.

Its not. It has never been. 

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