Sunday, January 2, 2011

‘Thought Garage’ find its way back Home, to Blogger

My personal blog,  ‘Thought Garage’ that I started back in 2004 on Google’s Blogger has found its way back home, after moving through various blogging systems including a self-hosted Wordpress. Just one small change though, it got a brand new address to begin the new year.

Here is the URL of the new home

The RSS Feed is available through Google’s Feed Burner at

If you are regularly following the blog on the web or through the Feed, sorry for the inconvenience. Please change your bookmarks and RSS Feed URL. Thank you for your understanding. Will share more about the background of this brand new address and reason for moving back to blogger shortly.

I would like to take this opportunity to Wish You all a Very Happy New year. Hope your dearest dreams will come true this year.

Let’s be in touch.

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