Sunday, January 16, 2011

H1B and H-4 Visa Applications in India Plagued by 221(g) Refusals

Following up a note that I wrote a while back about H1B visa refusals and delays, here is a fresh news brief from Murthy.Com law firm indicating that H1B and H4 visa applications are increasingly rejected without much information.

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Back in 2009, I wrote “Going for H1B Visa Stamping? Be Prepared To Stay Back For A While” noting that H1B visa stamping is getting increasingly difficult and also taking time and asking reader to prepare well for the delays.

But this new note from is little more disturbing. Job market, particularly in IT sector appears to have picked up lot of momentum in the last few months and hopefully situation will improve in the days ahead.

If you are going for Visa stamping in India, make sure you take all required and any and all additional documentation that prove your eligibility to avoid delays and refusals.

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