99.949% of Comments Are Just Spam :-(

Have you ever wondered how much spam you may be receiving on your blog? Make it a point to look at it, you might appreciate the work done by systems and people that are helping to stop this spam like never before.

I have been using Akismet to help fighting with spam right from the moment I heard about it. Thanks a ton to Akismet, otherwise, I would have to manually moderate 235,193 spam comments on this blog.

Thank you so much, Team Akismet.

99.949% of comments received on this blog are spam. I am delighted that  Akismet could kill the spam and saved me and scared at the same to see so much spam.


It is totally unnecessary to include this pie chart here, as you can guess, you can’t miss the point.  I put it any ways in case you haven’t read those numbers above.


Looking at this scary % of legitimate comments, I was worried and looked at Akismet website to see how my blog fares to global average of all blogs Akismet currently protects. It seems, I am getting undue spam on my website.  Global average of spam is only about 83%, while it is 99.949% on my blog.


It is quite mind boggling to see 16B spam comments were removed so far by Akismet. You can check live Stats from Akismet’s stats page. Here is a snapshot as of now:

Live Spam Zeitgeist

16,838,141,441 spams caught so far

1,974,905 so far today

83% of all comments are spam

Source : http://akismet.com/stats/ ( as of 07/03/2010 09.47PM US/Central)


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