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Thought Garage : My Books, Social and Business Ideas

Thought Garage is my personal blog featuring seemingly ramblings and dabblings, but otherwise quite invaluable insights. About software, India, technology, politics and Entrepreneurship. And a little bit about how the world could be a better place if it ever listens to what I say.

Here are some thought lines that I have been working on for some time, which are set to be released as Books:

  • The Road Not Yet Taken : My tray of Ideas/thoughts on how to make Democracy in India really work.
  • The Off-beat Investing : An accidental investor’s game plan of making sense and money using often written off investing strategies/tips/tricks.
  • In-Vested Interests: Thoughts on how capitalism influences human behavior.
  • The Silver Lining : Getting real with developing Cloud Applications.
  • Steps.NET : Strategies for Winning in the market place and realizing Career aspirations with .NET Technologies

Here are some of my social and/or business Ideas that ever sprung into life. Luckily, some of them were already realized while I am still pursuing most of the rest. Will add more information about each idea shortly so that anybody interested can pursue or join.

  • Life Style Boutiques from Amazon Products
  • Topic based community groups ( Business Week Business Exchange )
  • Cellular Life Styles with Carrier/Device based Tracking and News
  • Desi Business Exchange
  • Partyly : event management with families at heart
  • Desi Business hotline
  • Live Streaming Production Networks
  • Pervasive Notification System
  • Political Action Groups/yes to politics
  • India in Numbers : Visualize data related to India
  • India in action : How government works, system, budgets : Watch dog, documentation, video etc.
  • National Debate Club/Championships
  • National Sports League to promote a variety of sports
  • Riddler/Challenger : Facebook apps
  • Google Apps Reseller
  • Cooking Show by friends
  • A specialty TV Show that inspires generations rather than tv/soaps.
  • Face to face debates in Indian political system
  • National Opinion Gauge/Polls
  • Business Exchange for Indian businesses
  • School in a box : Video/Computer based systems with global teaching force
  • Doctor in a box
  • Personalized/Prescribed Lunch Box
  • Personalized Trainer/coach
  • Hostel for IT employees
  • Investment Group for hedge fund/VC investments
  • Help a Parent
  • Multi-media communication system for non-english speakers
  • ClipShare : create and share clips of media (Media Bookmarks)
  • Crowdsourcing of Problem solving for enterprises
  • Training capsules
  • SmartHire : Candidate Evaluation System
  • Job board with microsites for companies and candidates
  • Digital Media site like iTunes for Indian Music/Video/Movies : Legal purchases
  • Political watchdog/Economic policy watch dog/Political commentary/Issue based commentary
  • documenting resources/avenues in each state in India
  • Political talk show
  • Picture Printing in India : Direct print to homes all across.

(Sharing now, inspired from a conversation I had with a friend.)

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There are about 6.7 Billion people in this world that we know of.  Whether you believe in ‘Creation’ or ‘Evolution’, this human race started with a tiny number. It is quite amazing to see how fast it multiplies. What is more amazing is that every single individual in that 6 billion crowd is born ‘unique’.  Quite literally, you are born to be one in a billion, whether you believe it or not. “ This was the Introduction to my latest and last speech in Toast Masters club, ‘One in a Billion’ as part of International Speech contest. 
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