H1B 2011 : Will H1B 2010 Just Repeat in 2011 or …

This is always a very tricky question to delve into. Will there be any chance the  H1B rush we have witnessed in 2007 and 2008 may come back this year in 2010 or just like last year, will the cap remain unfilled till the end of the year?

I think, it will be a repeat of last year. May be, the cap could be reached little earlier than last year.

The official H1B year 2011 starts from October 1st of 2010. USCIS has already started accepting petitions starting from 1st of April, 2010. As we can see, the rush of 2007/2008 did not happen this time.

Last year I wrote that I would be surprised if cap limits are reached any time during the year. That proved to be true. This year, while the situation remains the same in many aspects, the improvement in market conditions may accelerate the filings just a little and may reach the cap little earlier.


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