NDTV.com : Unique Visitors Dropped By 40% in 2009

I wondered last night why NDTV.com is so desperate? Desperate enough to put Advertisements right on top of content and those ads won’t let you read content unless you click on them.

This morning, out of curiosity I checked how NDTV.com is doing by looking at traffic on the site at Compete. And this graph may explain the desperation.

Unique visitors to NDTV.com dropped by 40% in 2009.


Source: NDTV.com Profile on Compete.com

However, the site was able to maintain number of page views more or less the same. So, it sounds little obvious that as they are loosing on unique visitors, they may want to monetize those still visiting and make up for the difference. May be!

Or that Ads on top of content may be just a bug. Hopefully.

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