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Manipur Tops Google Searches (2009) in India

Every now and then I get curious about what Indians are searching for on the internet and go to Google to have a look. This time, I am totally surprised to see that Manipur tops in number of searches beating all other IT curious states.

Top Search Keywords in 2009

The following screenshot lists out top 10 keywords originated from India in 2009. Note that these key words are not exactly what is being searched for, but these key words are part of searches.

Top Search Key Words from India in 2009

News, Jobs, Electronics and Travel

For instance, ‘India’ is part of the following searches that tops the list. News Papers top the list, compared to 'movie stars’ last time I looked at this kind of data.

Top keywords in India in 2009

Next most searched for was “Songs”

This doesn’t surprise me at all, the next most searched for is a place to access, play and download songs.


Manipur tops the list

This is totally surprising to me, that Manipur tops the list beating those IT curious states in keywords related to India. Andhra Pradesh is not even in the top 10.

Top search words in India in 2009 by States

What are you searching for on Google? Share you thoughts.

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