Tuesday, February 9, 2010

eggSunday : Quite a promising Concept

I stumbled upon eggSunday on LinkedIn and I fell in love with the concept of eggSunday.  And the way they brought the concept to life is equally admirable and scrumptious.


On the web : eggsunday.com

Egg sunday or eggs unday was born out of a vision shared by two entrepreneurs who just loved eggs.

key messages


Eggsunday is a food court brand that serves simply mouth watering varieties of egg dishes competitively priced and with new recipes added every month. The first outlet is located at a Food court on Mumbai - Pune highway.

menu 2

(images from ideaspice.com)


  1. Its cool, but will people buy omlets at a premium price while anybody can make them under a minute. I never feel like eating an omlet while I am travelling. I love those punjabi dhabas all over our national highways.

  2. The concept sounds good. Such things will work only in places like express highway where first timers are many. Will similar thing work in City as well?


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