What would Separate Telangana achieve?

I have no clue, other than keeping those ‘politically unemployed’ busy with a job of their dreams.

What those politicians could not do so far in the last (about) 50+ years while in the ruling party or in the opposition party, that they could suddenly do now if Telangana becomes a separate state?

If you put rupee by rupee spent on each district after Andhra became a separate state, I don’t see any region of the state treated disproportionately. Then what’s all this fuss about backwardness of Telangana region?


abdul khadir said…
Benefits of separate Telangana : 1. Telangana students will be getting jobs in their region easily. 2. End to Andhra politics. 3. Development in Agriculture and irrigation system. I am from this region and dont have any affliations to political parties- current agitation is people wish to have sep state.Pls look into Telangana history where you can make it out the betrayal of congress and Andhra politicians. I dont see any wrong having separate state,when there can be development with good adminstration - like "Small is beautiful"..
murali said…
I really hope that students get jobs and agriculture will be developed more with better irrigation system.  But, there are not so many public sector jobs that could be created if there is a separate telangana and restricted to in-state. Jobs in private sector are open to all, I don't think there will be any preference to people from a certain state or region.

If there was a betrayal by politicians, then all politicians are behind it. I haven't seen any discussion in the assembly in my life time that argued that funds are diverted to Andhra from else where.

"Small" always looks beautiful. But when it comes to momentum, "big" matters a lot. Just a thought.
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Satish said…
I can't agree more with you Murali. All those students agitating thinking they would find "government" jobs are in for a big disappointment. How can a government accomodate 4 lakh jobs even if they "roar"? Only thing they will end up with is a bad throat the next day. The solution to the problem -- which ofcourse is prevalent everywhere -- is equitable distribution of resources. Assume KCRs wealth of 6000 crores is provided as relief to Telanganites and is used in a good manner. It will work wonders. How someone can make 6000 crores in a lifetime is beyond my comprehension. Do that of every politician in our country and wonders start to happen. Students are being used as stooges by these corrupt politicans.
Kiran Kumar said…
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krishna said…
we need seperate State...Why some of you are against telangana? whats your problem exactly? Some people will say like 'kalisunte kaladu sukam'. EVADIKI SUKAM? IDDARIKI Vundali aa SUKAM...AP lo adi ledu...Anduke TELANGANA.
murali said…
Hi Krishna,

I am not against Telangana. I am trying to understand what separate Telangana will really achieve. If its just a political game, then I don't think anybody will benefit anything from it.

If people really feel that they are not happy with single state and believe that separate state will help them, I am for it. But I have hard time believing in  that. In the elections last year, TRS with the sole agenda of separate state hasn't given such support from the people. Congress that has been opposing has gathered so much more momentum. 

You may have to ask those who utter those slogans on what it means. I don't think people can stay together anymore when there is no trust between them.

sravan said…
What did telangana achieve all these years staying united with andhra?
Betrayals and broken promises? Loosing jobs to settlers?
Tell me that staying united helped telangana then we can think what more can be achieved separating. We got nothing andthose guys rant their andhra pride every where. They criticize telangana as poor and waste. Why should we stay united? tell me
murali said…
Hi Sravan,

I really have no clue about these "jobs" everybody has been talking about. Does anybody have any data that could explain better. I am kind of lost. There is no reason to suppress feelings. If people from Telangana feel that they were robbed, there will be nothing that can change their belief.

But it would help the very people of Telangana to separate emotion from reason and think for themselves before parading on politician's ill wishes.

Same for people on either side refusing to listen to the other side of the story.
Hope we understand things clearly and act.


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