Trefis : Understanding A Business Has Never Been So Intuitive

If you are investing in stock market, it pays to understand how a company (that you love to invest in) works. Like,  how does a company makes money: what kind of products/services it sell, where it is making money, what markets it operate and what are its strategies for both short term and long term revenue generation.

Easier and the cheapest way to understand where the money is made, is to look through the Financial statements. But, sifting through 100s of pages of SEC filings and financial statements is not easy and decipher the meaning hidden in complex market jargon.

If you are looking for a simpler way, meet Trefis.


Its a nice tool, that will help understand the revenue part, in a way that is quite intuitive and easy to understand. It breaks down revenue stream as a % of each product/service a company is offering. Another wonderful part of this tool is it will let  you forecast each of those based on your understanding of market conditions. For instance, you can forecast whether more iPhones will be sold in the next quarter or lesser. And the tool takes that input and predict a fair market value of the share price.

And you can also see how others are predicting for the same company.

I found it quite useful. If you are interested, give it a try.


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