Thursday, January 7, 2010

Google (India) Maps With Landmarks : “Street View“ Will make it totally outstanding and intuitive

Google India recently launched Google Maps with navigation based on landmarks, with landmark information fed by the local community in respective cities. Its quite amazing to see how crowd sourcing could be leveraged where structural data is hard to retrieve.

There is no doubt, that this kind of landmark based directions first introduced in India by Routeguru almost a couple of years back. But, I am quite excited to see Google doing this as I see so many other possibilities that could redefine maps for navigating Indian roads.

Street Views

For instance, what a huge difference it will make if Google could add "Street Views" to those directions? Landmarks in text is something. But a picture of that landmark really makes it the most intuitive way of looking at the map.

Instant offers/coupons en-route

Since directions are based on landmarks, that include local businesses, instant offers and coupons from those businesses en-route would be quite beneficial to all.

So here is my request to Google India Maps team to add “Street Views” and that will be totally outstanding.


  1. check out

    It provides video maps for Bangalore city. Video Map technology complements Street View technology.

  2. Check out

    VidTeq provides Video Maps for Bangalore city. Video Map is a video clip of the complete route from a given source to a given destination. Check out the below portals where our technology has gone LIVE (wayfinder link - click on video directions) (store locator)

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