Morpheus: Early Stage Accelerator For India Startups

Morpheus doesn’t bring cash, unlike the Venture Capital firm across the corner. They bring “sweat” capital (read as expertise and IP). The team at Morpheus even call itself as an Accelerator instead.

So what do they want in return? Of course, equity in the startup. If you are a startup or just interested in Indian startup scene, listen to the RWW interview with one of Morpheus team members here.

Is it a fund, an angel network, or an incubator? Are these labels even still relevant? What segments does it focus on? What is early-stage innovation in India like? -  Morpheus: Y Combinator-Like Incubator in India (RWS Interview) - ReadWriteStart

Startups that are in Morpheus portfolio include

Vericar does used-car certification and appraisal, catering to the used-car market in India, which is at a million units every year.

Robots Alive is the second company in India to have manufactured a robotics arm from the ground up.

Quite a novel concept to make money from a startup without actually ditching a dime. And if you remove money out of the equation, there will be many experts that could try to help a startup grow, in return for a small equity.

After all what Venture capital firms bring to startup along with Money is their expertise and network. Isn’t it?

How to rely on somebody that doesn’t have a stake in the business?


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