Its Funny, How Experts Are Made In America

Its funny how Experts are made in America. Rule No.1 : You can become an Expert on anything just by claiming you are already one. So much for dreaming big and believing in yourself.

And once you are an Expert (or rather once you claim) you will be treated like an Expert !!

BTW, an expert’s observation on Cloud Computing. It is really funny. Please read.

Microsoft's Azure cloud is a place you go to in order to build your applications. In the process, you are very likely to use Visual Studio, the .Net Framework, SQL Server in the form of Azure SQL Services, and Microsoft SharePoint, then run the resulting cloud application in Azure itself.

So is Azure just a super sales site for Microsoft products? No, no more so than Google's AppEngine is a sales site for PHP tools, even though you will write your application in PHP if you want to take advantage of the AppEngine.

- Charles Babcock at Information Week’s Cloud Computing Section

If you are wondering is cloud –> marketing jargon to promote tools that build them or when did Google App Engine started supporting PHP, you hit the nail right on the head.

I am not saying they are not experts on the cloud.

Remember Rule 1.


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