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Wipro : An Enterprise Older Than India Looks Afresh


“Reinvention and Wipro go hand-in-hand ..” –

The story of Wipro looks like a fairy tale in many aspects. Think about a vegetable oil refining company (started in 1945) that re-invents itself as one of the world’s best IT services firm.

It has been a long way and Wipro continue to amaze me in more than one aspect. Its integrity at first and its no drama, straight forward business acumen. (unlike other celebrities across the street that were never able to walk their talk).

Though I left Wipro a while back, I continue to follow it. Here are some new developments that kind of surprised me a bit.

New Front Page Online

If you look at the new website, one may mistake Wipro for a brand new startup that is trying to define its identity. Though the company is little older than the Independent India itself, in a way, Wipro appears to be doing the same. Home page with a full blown illustration that projects Wipro as the agent that changes the new world order.


While I reserve my instincts on how much Wipro will really listen to its customers on their engagements, they are clearly doing so in picking up a theme or an identity for themselves. The website features a poll, asking its users to vote on a Theme.

Of the other two available themes, I love the co-evolution theme as it aligns quite well with the identity of Wipro.


Presence on Social Networks

While Wipro failed to leverage Blogs, I see that there is some focus on social networks as well to help build a brand.


Atlanta Development Center : Bringing Bangalore To Atlanta

Wipro also recently opened a Development center in Atlanta that promises to hire local talent and engage with local academic community like Georgia Tech to bring innovation right in the Americas.   Not sure the extent of collaboration educational institutions in India.

Hope, There are changes in HR Policies As Well

Hope this brand new look is deeper than the front page and hopefully Wiproites will be proud again to be Wiproites.  Though, there are quite a few issues, some of them associated with Growing So Big So Fast,  Wipro is way better than its counter parts like Infosys and TCS in treating its employees.

Hope and Wish Wipro does well.

No matter what, I was once a Wiproite and working at Wipro was one of the best things happened in my life. And who knows, our paths may meet again.

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