Indian IT Services Firms Were Right : It’s Services Stupid!

There was so much pressure on Indian IT Services firms for a long time to enter product space and they refused and insisted that Services is the key. After all, their strength and  innovation is in creating market driven and efficient service delivery models. 

They not only succeeded with flying colors in delivering services, they influenced the entire world to turn to services. So in more than one way, there were right on about services. 

Some key milestones that indicate the strong inclination towards services just the way Indian IT Services headed all along:

  • IBM once synonymous with PC sells its iconic PC Business and rebrand itself as IT services (or emphatically Smart Solutions for the planet)
  • HP buys EDS and says it is critical to enter Services business as profits drop in all other directions.
  • Dell buys Perot Systems, seen as following HP.
  • Xerox, the iconic innovator buys Affiliated Computer Services, citing exactly the same reason of survival due to dropping profits every where.

Now, will Indian IT Services companies get the true credit they deserve in the market place?


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