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Praja Rajyam : The Silent Death Of The Party Is Real??

The reel life ‘Mega’ star Chiranjeevi’s  real life appears to be coming to a tragic end, in Politics. Eenadu (the news paper outlet, unmistakably the opposition party TDP’s torch bearer) reported that 7 PRP MLAs and few other leaders met with party secretary Allu Aravind and proposed to dissolve and combine PRP with ruling congress party. Other news indicate about 12 MLAs ready to take a plunge while rest of the them waiting for Chiranjeevi to accompany.

Its not a big surprise to me. While Eenadu has been totally biased in interpreting events to favor TDP, it never reported lies. So I would take it as real, irrespective of whatever political spin Congress and PRP may put on to it.

“Why I pray with Love, For Chiru To Fail in Politics

Today’s news reminded me of an email sent by a Chiranjeevi’s ardent fan after Chiranjeevi announced his entry into politics.


"I love Chiru more than my brother and I offered prayers today that Chiru annaya would see how bad politicians are and fail in Politics to come back to very movies that made him our beloved Hero. People around him are hungry for power, money and fame, the very things that  Chiru annayya always hated so much. I don’t want to loose a great Hero.  He resisted Politics for so long, and finally these guys got into his mind in the name of Public service.”

Read full email published on 23rd August 2008  >>Why I pray with Love, For Chiru To Fail in Politics

Here is a snapshot of Eenadu news paper that published this news on the front page. You can read online at



Almost all key Party leaders (opportunists??) have deserted the party a while ago. A few days back, another leader(??) Devendar Goud (that left TDP, started Nava Telangana Praja Party and then joined Praja rajyam party) took a full turn and went back to Telugu Desam party.

Party Official Website Has Gone Offline Long Back

Praja Rajyam party’s official web site is long gone. The URL wasn’t reachable  for a long time.

Had it been a movie ..

If these elected MLA too leave the party, then the party is all but over. It it had been a movie, the climax would have been different.  But, however close they seem to be, reel life is entirely different from real life.

And it seems, prayers of that ardent fan have been heard. So, will Chiru go back and relive the rest of the life in fantasy reel world or take the challenge and show what it takes to become a hero in real life and fight a come back.

Well, I don’t bet my money on a political comeback.

And movies, who cares any more!

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