You Are One In A Billion, Believe It ! Or Not !


There are about 6.7 Billion people in this world that we know of.  Whether you believe in ‘Creation’ or ‘Evolution’, this human race started with a tiny number. It is quite amazing to see how fast it multiplies. What is more amazing is that every single individual in that 6 billion crowd is born ‘unique’.  Quite literally, you are born to be one in a billion, whether you believe it or not. “

This was the Introduction to my latest and last speech in Toast Masters club. I presented this speech, ‘One in a Billion’ as part of International Speech contest in my club.

My main argument in that speech was that barring physical traits, many of us appear to prefer being ‘common’ and ‘acceptable’ rather than ‘distinguished’ and ‘exceptional’.

When it comes to Software Development, the problem of becoming a commodity is much more pronounced now. Even though, an exceptional software developer is 10 times more productive and effective than an average one, the benchmark has started ignoring this qualitative aspect in preference for the hourly rate at bargain price at the cheapest corner of the earth.

Having said that, it is now much easier to introduce a book that is written to help IT consultants and Professionals distinguish themselves in the crowd. Its titled “Beyond Code” written by Rajesh Setty about 4 years ago and is lot more important now than 4 years ago. 

25 Ways to Distinguish Yourself

In fact I was first introduced to Rajesh Setty, through this e-Book “25 Ways to Distinguish Yourself”, probably this can be considered as a summary and an extension at the same time online (to the book) on his blog. There are now about 202 ways to distinguish yourself.


I was so impressed by his ideas and outlook, I bought the book and subscribed to his blog.  I have been regularly reading his blog and various e-books he published since then.  While I did not agree everything with Rajesh, I was quite impressed by the passion and the way he grew professionally in the last 4 years. Rajesh since then released many e-Books and shared ideas on his blog, lenses on squidoo and now sharing on Twitter.


When Rajesh released his new book ‘Upbeat’ recently and planning to do a Virtual Blog Tour to promote the book, I signed up to participate in the tour. As part of the tour, I will be publishing an interview with Rajesh tomorrow.

I am very excited about this. This will be my first interview of any kind and I am going to publish tomorrow on this blog.  I will later follow up with my first Book review of ‘Upbeat’. 

Stay in touch. Stay subscribed.


[...] I mentioned yesterday I was first introduced to Rajesh Setty and Life Beyond Code through a Manifesto, 25 Ways to [...]

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