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Praja Rajyam Party And Its Likely ‘Silent’ Death?

I was ecstatic when I first heard about Chiranjeevi coming into politics. But that ecstasy lived only for a few hours, until I watched the video of his announcement.

After a lot of thought on watching his first announcement, I came to conclusion that entering into politics has some far reaching motives than shameless confessions of giving back to community that gave him this silver screen demonic successful life. I have expressed my frustration and missed opportunity in my blog posts in the following days. And became a serious critique of his hypo critic political game plans, including the infamous social justice drama (or I call it caste exploitation), well before lots of others.

Anyways, rest is history. The ‘silence’ in revolution is true to an extent, just that the silence means a clear rejection of his drama in real life.

Having garnered about 5% of seats, I hope, everybody now understand that ‘people’ did not call him, whatever that means.

Now having a mega flop at ballot box, I won’t expect Chiranjeevi to move away from Politics and go back to movies any time soon. It takes lots of courage and deeper self esteem to accept defeat with grace. I don’t think he has that quality. He nullified the judgment of the people as if it was nothing by saying, he believe it was only important to play the game, not winning it.  (Yet, he is putting all he got again to win in the upcoming greater Hyderabad elections).

But I hope, he will go back to People with the same vigor and rigor he campaigned during the Elections, instead of sitting in Hyderabad and plotting for next election. I hope he continue his fight for the people on the very issues he raised during the campaigns. I hope he continue to fight for each line in his dream manifesto to establish a truly praja rajyam. I hope he continue to go every village and talk to people with the same compassion and media exposure he managed during the first few days and during the election campaign. I hope he will raise funds to organize mega events just like he did so far, this time, to educate people and energize to fight for justice. And I sincerely hope, he will succeed, if he could show his real compassionate side leaving aside the political makeup.

Hope, he will.

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