Code Lifting : China’s Web Filter is US’s CyberSitter

Remember Cisco’s code appearing in Huawei’s software without any modifications?

As per a WSJ report the famous Chinese Web Filter program appears to have been lifted off from CyberSitter, an application developed by Solid Oak Software in California.

The Chinese application contains

  • Old new bulletin promoting CyberSitter
  • list of terms to be blocked
  • CyberSitter serial numbers and
  • an update that makes the software compatible with older version of CyberSitter

Jinhui Computer System Engineering Co.,  the Chinese company that made the filtering software, denied stealing anything. "That's impossible," said Bryan Zhang.  Mr. Zhang insisted that the software is his company's. "How is it possible that my coding is exactly the same as theirs?" he said. "This is unfair to me. Everyone is taking my software apart now. This is illegal ... I can't answer any more of these pointless questions."

- WSJ News Article


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