Saturday, June 20, 2009

Can Praja Rajyam Party Survive, As Mitra Resigns!

“There is no Praja Rajyam party without Mitra”, said Chiranjeevi few days before the election and amidst resignations by senior leaders. Now, Mitra resigned from the party too, citing that he could not adjust in the party. Not sure whether he could not adjust with policies, values or people within the party. He gracefully and respectfully did not point fingers at anybody and refused to talk any internal matters outside. I respect that.  Internal matters are internal matters.

imageSo, now the most important question is, can Praja Rajyam survive?

With Mitra’s resignation,  all founding members of the Party have walked away from the party, except Chiranjeevi himself.

I am not sure who else is left in the party. But it appears, the honeymoon is now officially over. The belief of ‘public’ affection and ‘call for service by people’ has been proven to be a mirage. Now, support from think tanks appears to be waning as well.

Can he resurrect, just like he does in his silver screen fantasies? Or, can he gather his strength to accept the reality and settle for nothing. In the midst of insurmountable obstacles, it is time to reveal the heroic character, if he has one. And he is one, in real life.

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