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Andhra Politics : Election Is Not A Means But An End

Every Political leader vowed their lives to serve the people. They also said, they have no ‘interest’ of any kind in ‘power’ but to serve the people. At least, that is what they said, before the election. For almost two months leading up to the Election, they kept on talking tirelessly, day and night, in every media outlet and public meeting, how they would like to serve the people and how they want to stand with the people in the thick and the thin of times.

Elections are over almost a month ago. How many of those leaders now stood in the midst of people? How many of them went back to people? How many of them want to campaign now with the people to solve their problems. The very problems political leaders used as their campaign slogans are still there. Be it condition of farmers, welfare, education, wages, projects or what ever.  Why aren’t they continuing their fight against corruption any more? Why aren’t they fighting on behalf of people any more? Why aren’t they organizing meetings any more?

Instead, political leaders are quite busy again with upcoming Greater Hyderabad election preparations. Studying, reviewing and analyzing how they did in the election last month. What did work and what did not work, and how to make sure everything work in the next election. Adjusting their tones, slogans and political affiliations to acquire power. To stabilize and strengthen their own party cadre.

Chiranjeevi said he came to politics because people called him. He offered to serve people till his last breath…… and lot more. Its almost a month now. Why didn’t he leave Hyderabad and went ‘back’ to people and start serving them. Why does he now believe ‘achieving power’ is the only means of serving people. Why he spends all his time building the party and preparing for the next election leaving aside the very people that called him? Doesn’t it the other way around? Start serving people and build the cadre in that.

What about the issues of the people? The people themselves? Corruption? Welfare? Farmers? ……. ! Probably, they will address them again in the next Election.  Election is not a means or a beginning to serve people. But its an end in itself for an opportunity to acquire power.

What we have so far are only Election campaigns. No campaigns that address real issues of People. We only have Party manifestos. No manifesto for the people, by the people.

Will this ever change? Lok Satta, for sure, offers glimmers of hope and promise.  But lacks the power and mechanics to expedite.

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