Sunday, April 5, 2009

Praja Rajyam Party Vice President Resigns

Praja Rajyam Party vice president Anjaneya Reddy resigned from the party citing unable to find the change  he love to bring in the political party and asserting that Praja Rajyam party is no different than Congress and Telugu Desam party and others.


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Recently I have expressed similar sentiment that I was not able to see the ‘Change’ the party has been talking about. The party is talking like others, acting like others and spending money desperately to come to power like others and selling tickets like others. I even noted the way they have copied the manifesto and key messages from NTR and LokSatta. Their website is a copy cat of Barack Obama’s website.

Now this is a confirmation from none other than the party’s vice President that he did not find the party any different from other political parties.

The only different I have seen so far is that the party is championing a clever exploitation of caste in the state in the name of Social justice.

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