Started Loving Apple Safari Browser

In the past I used Internet Explorer for most of my browsing. Then came along Firefox, the open source browser with 100s of cool extensions. I immediately switched to Firefox and never looked back. Well, for some time.

A few months back, I have replaced Firefox with the world's fastest browser, Google Chrome. Google chrome even without extensions made browsing lot cooler and quicker.

Recently, I downloaded Apple Safari and I immediately fell in love with the way it renders content. Crisp and so easy on your eyes to read. So, these days, I am spending more time on Safari to read content while still using Chrome for general browsing.

One more feather in the cap for Apple Safari. It renders content in Telugu quite beautifully and it is much more easily readable than other browsers. Google Chrome comes last in rendering Telugu content.

Here are some snapshots of Yes To Politics, taken in different browsers. You can see the much crisper image in Apple safari.


Internet Explorer




Google Chrome


I have almost stopped using both IE and Firefox. I say, almost, because still there are some web applications (particularly coming from Microsoft itself) doesn't work in any other browser yet. And while developing websites, extensions on Firefox make life a lot easier.  


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