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Can we make Democracy in India work?

INDIA is the Largest living democracy in the world.  And the growing community at Yes To Politics believe, We Can make it Work.

By no means, Democracy in India is perfect. Indeed, quite far from it. For many of us, the most active participation in Democracy begins and ends with a vote once in 5 years. And contemporary Indian Politics seldom stand for people or principles. 

I believe We Can make it Work rather than continue watching from side lines and crib about how politics went from bad to worse. Enough has been said about politics already, so let us stop whining and say Yes to more meaningful politics that will put democracy at work. That starts with me and you and our active engagement with the political system.

The N.E.W. Way

We must engage in politics in a N.E.W. way. By that I mean organizing ourselves in to smaller and local communities and work from bottom up. I have built a web application Yes To Politics to organize communities around cities, districts, assembly and parliamentary constituencies, parties or based on a social cause. And allow us to identify key issues, discuss solutions and engage both political system and media to achieve the purpose.

We just need to start doing few simple things to make a difference in Politics. As simple as, asking a question to yourself what really matter to you to select a politician or a party. What is one issue that is bothering you or your community. 

I would like to use this forum to share my thoughts on what we can do to make the power of democracy start working for all of us, the (so called) people, rather than select individuals with vested interests. I would invite you all to share your thoughts and ideas on what we can do to change ourselves and the system.

No politics of any time or place could make all equal..

No politics of any time or place could make all people equal. Absolutely no day-dreaming about that. But a good political system will and must provide equal opportunities to all. This is what I have been dreaming about all along. And I have decided to act with a leap of faith that it is indeed possible to achieve such a system.

It won't be easy or quick or straight forward. But isn't it worth taking the journey to somewhere rather than sitting and cursing the fate of the system? I think, it is a worth while dream.

I have built this application with just one thing in mind. Help organize smaller and local communities and help us discuss and share ideas. I have a big dream of our ideas on this community influencing mainstream media to act in support of this movement.  And change at least a few key contemporary political leaders in order to turn the tide for better politics.

Track What Matters

Also, I do not believe in consuming hyped news or arguments. I would like every one to decide what is important and what does matter to them. So you will not see on this web site, any popular stories or most read stories or any of that kind of lists. You choose what matters to you. You discuss about issues that will affect you. And you act on those that make sense to you and your community. Period. 

Will share more shortly. Hope to see you around Yes To Politics. If you like anything on the site, we urge you without shame to promote the site and share with your friends and family.

No need to register. Just share your thoughts with your existing email Id.

I have enabled Google FriendConnect on this web site. So no need to signup for yet another user id on this web site.  If you have Google, Yahoo, AOL accounts or an OpenID, you are ready to go. Just click on Join or Sign in link at the bottom of the screen and join to become the generation  N.E.W.

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