Political Perspectives : Interview with Arvind

Nothing is black and white in Politics. Especially, Indian politics. So do our perceptions about Politics. We don't hate politics. We don't like it either. Then what does Politics really mean to each of us?

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="159" caption="Yes To Politics"]Yes To Politics[/caption]I set out to find myself an answer on what it really mean and how it would impact. And I would like to know what do you all think about it. And understand your take on Politics. I would like to call this series of exploration, "Political Perspectives".

And I am happy to share the first of its kind, an interview on Politics. I asked one of my friends, Arvind, a few questions to begin this series. Thank you Arvind for volunteering and sharing your perspective on Politics and thanks a ton for allowing me to share your views to the 'Yes to Politics' community.

Read the transcript of the interview here.


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