Launching 'Yes, To Politics'

What comes to your mind when I say 'Politics'?

Well for most, it will be some things like Corruption, Exploitation, Power, Money, Criminals and so many other, that could be quite, well, disturbing. A typical politician in India is quite synonymous with ...? (Don't look around, feel free to fill in.)

Okay, enough being said about Politics. We are from the country that is known as the largest democracy of the world. That means, we (you and me and many others) elected those very Politicians that we are talking about. Some of you may say, "Wait. Wait a minute. So the whole blame for this mess is on us? How can it be?" Well, if we are not 100% responsible, at least, we are responsible for letting it happen. Aren't we?

Let us leave the blame game and start talking. In a sense, I believe, we deserve it. For who we voted. For why we voted. For we did not vote. Or for what we have done(nothing?). Well, some of you, may have thought about doing something. But then the hard question comes up. Why would some one wants to venture into politics knowing what it is?

I understand what is going through your mind. I had the same dilemma too. Read on. Would you be thinking of doing something, if a corrupt politician grab your land? Would you be interested in doing something if you only get electricity for 12 hours a day while the Government spends crores of rupees in projects that may never even existed? Would you be compelled to do something when your friends and family fall for Alcohol, because it is so easily accessible everywhere? Would you be interested in doing something if you don't get an opportunity to grow though you have all of what it takes, except a friend or relative in Politics?

I am sure, You know a lot more than me. Those are just a few everyday examples. I am not talking about theoretical ideals yet. If we give it a serious thought, we will realize within no time that dirty politics affect us in every possible way. Even in ways, that we may have never imagined.

So, do you think, we can still afford to do nothing about it?

I thought about it. And, I have decided to do something about it. So, I said 'Yes, to Politics'. To Politics, that make sense. I believe, its time we start doing few simple things, that could change Politics significantly.

What do you think? I am looking forward to you saying 'Yes, To Politics' and joining the community. Visit 'The Road Not Yet Taken', for more information.

More about what I learned while building the Application little later.


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