In Plain English : Dell Says 'Good Support' Is Not Free

The days of 'Free' Customer service looks to be over. At least a quality customer service is. This comes to me (and I am sure for most of you) as a big surprise, but I guess we all have to get used to this.

Occasionally, "we've heard from customers that it's hard to understand a particular accent and that they couldn't understand the instructions they were getting," said Dell spokesman Bob Kaufman.

So, Dell introduced a Support Service called as 'Your Tech Team' Service, that promises that Technical Experts are from North America (instead of Bangalore, India for instance) and average wait time would be less than 2 minutes.

Sounds Great, finally Dell heard the Customers. Not quite. This service is not for every Dell customer that purchases a Dell product, but only for those who pay an additional $12.95 a month to receive this 'premium' service.

And Dell Spokesman put a PR spin to this 'Pay if You need Good Customer Support' service,

"This illustrates Dell's commitment to customer choice." -Dell spokesman Bob Kaufman

In Plain English, Dell is saying 'Good Customer Support' is not Free and if you need a Customer Support that you can understand (ie., accent free), you must pay $12.95 a month.

If Dell really understand customers that they have difficultly in understanding instructions by its Global (ie., outsourced) support team, why not replace it with a better customer support that is local, for free.

Source: The Bangalore Backlash: Call Centers Return to U.S

After thinking for a while, I guess, I am already getting used to this new idea. If a company promises a quick (like Dell promising within 2 minutes) response and provide me a customized service for me, I guess I am ready to pay for it. I am not thrilled by a NA associate to responding to my call, as I can understand lots of accentuated instructions, and also I felt some times, that NA associates aren't any better (they are much worse in many cases). Job hopping is a normality in NA and I don't expect any better service from an NA associate if they haven't worked in that particular job for some good time. And on average, most doesn't spend any good time on any job. So it goes without saying what we can expect of them. And it is equally difficult to find a person to be in NA and doesn't have an accent anyways.


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