Satyam Acquires Motorola's Software Development Centre In Malaysia

Motorola may be loosing its charm. But it's Home and Network Mobility business gives Satyam, one of the India's top Software Services companies a new image in the flat world. So as they say, the shopping by Indian behemoths continue to marvel. And what is a better environment than the weak economy to close the deal.

Satyam has acquired Motorola's software development centre in Malaysia for an undisclosed amount.

The deal will bring human capital into Satyam's fold besides a running contract with the US telecom giant. The centre which employs 128 people at Kuala Lumpur is part of Motorola's Home and Networks Mobility business focusing on network management system development.

The deal is expected to be complete by the end of this calendar year post mandatory regulatory nod. Post the transaction Motorola will contract directly with Satyam for development services for its network management software.

Source: Satyam Acquires Motorola's Software Development Centre In Malaysia


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