Obama Inspires Chandra Babu Too !

Immediately following Barack Obama's historic win in the US, leader of Praja Rajyam party announced that he will do in Andhra Pradesh, India what Obama did in the USA and win in the elections.

Now Chandra Babu Naidu, the chief of TDP Party, once hailed as the CEO of Andhra Pradesh across the world, goes one step ahead in his own style. He wanted to follow the grass roots movement that Obama managed to setup in the USA. Chandra Babu Naide started teaching the basics of Grassroots movement to TDP party men and energizing party youth to follow the steps.

This is nothing new to people that know how Chandra Babu governed the state of Andhra Pradesh for about 9 years. He drew his inspiration from all over the world and initiated many programs that involve the very grass roots engagement. 'Prajala Vaddaku Palana', Janma Bhumi, Sramadanam are just a few to name.

naraobamaEenadu, the news paper that provide unconditional (totally biased) support to TDP, even forged an image of Chandra Babu Naidu on (appears to be) an Obama photograph. Here is the link to Eenadu news article and link to the photograph.

Will any of these leaders (Chiranjeevi or Chandra Babu Naidu) truly understand the values and essence of Obama's leadership?

Chandra Babu Naidu demonstrated very strong and motivated leadership when he was the CM of the state and has worked relentlessly to develop the state. In many ways, he was one of the Best Political Leaders of his age and under his leadership State has really flourished. Many things have improved for state of Andhra Pradesh.

However, his very entry to TDP and how he became CM for the first time and how he changed his stand on various issues after he lost power in 2004 also demonstrate that Chandra Babu Naidu could be equally opportunistic leader and couldn't be trusted as much.


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