Chiranjeevi Igniting The Caste Spark?

Chiranjeevi today (finally) spoke his mind and ignited the 'CASTE' spark. Without naming any specific caste, he said, people in lower population are ruling the people in higher population and the higher population should fight back for Power and PRP will support them in their fight.

There is no hiding in his message. Everybody in Andhra Pradesh know who are those people in lower population. They are so low, one caste is just 5% and the other about 8% but have been ruling all these years.

Caste Will Work. Principles May Not

Comparatively, Chiranjeevi's caste now has about 30% of population. So I guess you can see the equation. May be, PRP realized ideology doesn't work, so going down the Politically correct but morally corrupt path.

Isn't Movie Industry The Same?

I guess the same thing happens in Movies too? Only few lower population people lead and earn all the money in movies too. Often the money spent by those higher population. Why Chiranjeevi that spent all his life so far in Movies never offered his LEAD role to some one from that higher population? Or said, similar things in movie world?

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Vijji said…
Whatz wrong with representational politics? we need representation from each community in proportion to their population. Isn't that otherwise called Democracy?
realfan said…
oo hhh! Thats not democracy. donnow where you studied but democracy doesn't mean representation based on population. its the will and freedom to choose whoever want. not necessarily reflects population.

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